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RF Wireless Integrated Architectures for 4G Communication Systems.
Ahmed A. Youssef

The resent proliferation of personal communications systems (PCS) applications and cellular phones is driving a demand for portable systems which share the common requirements of low cost, small form factor and low power consumption. In addition, the emergence of various wireless standards around the world has created a demand for RF wireless radios (transceivers) that can operate in more than one mode. Thus, multi-standard RF transceivers are predicted to play a critical role in wireless communication systems in the futures. The 4G wireless technology address these needs.

This tutorial will discuss the evolution of the wireless industry and will focus on power technology and transceiver architectures used in modern cost effective mobile communication systems. Architectures and design techniques suitable for mutli-standard low power transceivers achieving high level of integration will be presented. A complete system design example for GSM wireless standard will be addressed.

Code: 4A
Cost: US $150 (Please check tutorials fees)

Ahmed A. Youssef , received the B.Sc. (Hon.) and M.Sc. degrees both in Electrical Engineering from Ain Shams University , Cairo , Egypt , in 1998 and 2002, respectively. Since 2003, he has been with the University of Calgary, AB, Canada, where he is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree in RF integrated circuits and systems.

Mr. Youssef is the recipient of the Mobinil Telecommunication Inc. Pre-master Fellowship in 2000 (for two years). He also received the Young Scientist Award at the Maastricht General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science 2002 (the Netherlands ) and an Honorable Mention at 2003 in the Symposium of the Microelectronics Research & Development in Canada , Montreal . In 2004 he received the prestigious GORDON LEWIS HEDBERG DOCTORAL Award.

Mr. Youssef has also industrial experience through working as an RF project engineer at Mentor Graphics in several projects related to the design reuse of RF integrated circuits.

He presented several short courses in the area of high speed integrated circuit for wireless communication systems.


August 6 - 9 , 2006, The San Juan Marriott Hotel. San Juan, Puerto Rico